As Director of Olympic Solidarity for the International Olympic Committee, Pere Miro attended the Panam Sports General Assembly to learn more about the work being done to support the continent’s National Olympic Committees and Athletes. Miro says he is “really impressed” by what he learned throughout the week in Lima, Peru.

Before the 56th General Assembly of Panam Sports began in Lima, Peru, the top authorities of the continental association gathered for the Executive Committee Meeting on September 4. Led by Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic, and Secretary General, Ivar Sisniega, the meeting of the Executive Committee outlined the work being done to support the 41 National Olympic Committees of the Americas.

President Ilic presented videos of the inaugurations of new NOC headquarters in Grenada and the Cayman Islands while also stressing the importance for all of the 41 NOCs of Panam Sports to take advantage of the support programs available to them.

Joining the meeting as Director of Olympic Solidarity and NOC Relations for the IOC, Pere Miro says he was shocked by the commitment of Panam Sports to help its NOCs.

“I must tell you that I have been really surprised because while I know about the work that is done by Panam Sports, I didn’t know the details. Watching the presentations and the different exchanges, I recognize I have been very surprised with the magnitude and deep changes the new governance has adopted. I congratulate them for the excellent job that they’ve done,” Miro tells Panam Sports, recognizing the effort made by the organization to support the NOCs since the election of President Ilic in April 2017.

Miro says he is encouraged by how much attention is being paid to the needs of the NOCs in the region as well as what is best for the athletes.

“I believe, and this is part of my very positive surprise, that the debate was focused mainly on athletes and NOCs needs, but in concrete. And I believe this debate is something that is missing in many occasions. This special care about the needs of the athletes and how to support them is something that has really impressed me,” Miro added.

After the Executive Committee, Miro stayed in Lima to attend the Panam Sports General Assembly from September 5-6. The videos seen by the Executive Committee were also shown to members of the Assembly. Panam Sports wants to enable more NOCs to capitalize on the financial programs available to them which help provide facilities and training for their athletes.

“This new attitude from this new governance about how much they care about NOCs and the athletes is contagious and everybody is following that line, meaning that the tone is very positive,” Miro said.

Miro says he is also impressed with the organization’s ideas and plans for New Events to fill the quadrennial with more opportunities for athletes.

“The world is moving in some concrete directions, and I believe that Panam Sports is analyzing very smartly, how the world is evolving and trying not only to be adapted to this world, but also to advance these changes. It’s not only very interesting, but also very convenient they are taking this opportunity to advance to the movement of the world,” Miro concluded.