Brazil dominated the waves at the 2023 Pan American Surfing Games, but a total of 12 countries earned qualification to the Pan American Games taking place in Chile’s capital this October.

The qualifying event was streamed live throughout the world on the Panam Sports Channel, with on-demand highlights of the events available to watch soon.

From April 21 to 30, the best surfers of the Americas gathered on the beach of Santa Catalina in Panama to compete in the 16th edition of the Pan American Surfing Games. After nine thrilling days of competition, the surfing qualification to Santiago 2023 Pan American Games this October is nearly complete.

Brazil became a two-time champion of the event thanks to four gold medals, one silver and three bronze, giving them a total of eight out of the possible 24 medals available in the competition. Krystian Kymerson and Silvana Lima won the men’s and women’s shortboard events, while Chloe Calmon won gold in the women’s longboard and Guilherme Batista topped the podium in the men’s SUP race.

These impressive performances helped lead the Brazilian team to 12,430 points, followed by Argentina in second place with 11,540, Peru in third with 11,338 and Canada in fourth with 10,978.

Argentina claimed two golds of its own in the women’s SUP surf and SUP race events thanks to Lucia Cosoleto and Juliana Gonzalez in addition to three total bronzes. Peru was led on the men’s side by Lima 2019 champion Piccolo Clemente who claimed victory in the longboard event, while Vania Torres and Itzel Delgado won silvers in the women’s SUP surf and men’s SUP race events, respectively.

Canada earned its only gold medal in the men’s SUP surf event led by Finn Spencer, in addition to three silvers by Cody Young in men’s shortboard, Olivia Stokes in women’s longboard and Lina Augaitis in women’s SUP race.

In total, 12 countries earned qualification to the 19th edition of the Pan American Gams this October in Chile’s capital, including: Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.

The full surfing competition field at Santiago 2023 will be finalized following the ISA World Longboard Championships and ISA World Surfing Games that will be held in El Salvador beginning on May 7 and May 30, respectively.

View the provisional list of qualified athletes from the 2023 Pan American Surfing Games below:

Men’s Shortboard
Krystian Kymerson (BRA)
Marcos Correa (BRA)
Jean Carlos Gonzalez (PAN)
Cody Young (CAN)
Franco Radziunas (ARG)
Leandro Usuna (ARG)

Men’s Longboard
Piccolo Clemente (PER)
Julian Schweizer (URU)
Carlos Bahia (BRA)
Anthony Mesen Flores (CRC)

Men’s SUP Surf
Luiz Diniz (BRA)
Zane Schweitzer (USA)
Felipe Rodriguez (MEX)
Tamil Martino (PER)
Finn Spencer (CAN)
Max Torres (PUR)
Franco Faccin (ARG)
Jose Ruiz Aviles (CRC)

Men’s SUP Race
Connor Baxter (USA)
Itzel Delgado (PER)
David Leao (BRA)
Santino Basaldella (ARG)
Ricardo Avila (PUR)
Mike Darbyshire (CAN)
Edonay Caballero (PAN)
Lukas Rodríguez (URU)
Carlo Arias (CRC)

Women’s Shortboard
Sanoa Olin (CAN)
Arena Rodriguez (PER)
Lucia Indurain (ARG)
Daniella Rosas (PER)
Isabella Gomez (COL)
Silvana Lima (BRA)
Chelsea Tuach (BAR)
Erin Brooks (CAN)

Women’s Longboard
Chloe Calmon (BRA)
Olivia Stokes (CAN)
Roan Lia Reyes Diaz (CRC)
Sindy Portillo (ESA)

Women’s SUP Surf
Lucia Cosoleto (ARG)
Aline Adisaka (BRA)
Isabella Gomez (COL)
Candice Appleby (USA)
Vania Torres (PER)
Catherine Temple (CAN)
Xiomara Bowen (ECU)
Josselyn Alabi (ESA)

Women’s SUP Race
Candice Appleby (USA)
Jennifer Kalmbach (CRC)
Maricarmen Rivera (PUR)
Lena Guimaraes (BRA)
Juliana González (ARG)
Lina Augaitis (CAN)
Sofía Finer (MEX)
Gianisa Vecco (PER)
Stephanie Bodden (PAN)