The 11th Central American Games were hosted in Managua this December 3rd through the 17th.  The city welcomed over 3,500 athletes from 7 different countries.

It´s the first time in the history of Nicaragua to host an event of such magnitude, for which they have been preparing for over the last 4 years; not only at the sporting level, but also in terms of infrastructure.

Amongst the sporting structures inaugurated was the colossal Dennis Martinez Baseball field, a basketball court with huge screens, top of the line floors and impressive installations, an Aquatic Centre with an Olympic pool and a second 25-meter long pool and a beautiful center for the rowing and canoeing competitions in Granada.

“This is a great accomplishment and legacy for Nicaragua. Everyone’s witnessed the infrastructure we’ve been able to build these past 4 years and I truly believe Nicaragua stepped up tremendously for these Central American Games. The main idea was for the athletes to be able to share, get to know one another and form a tight bond, something we can proudly say was accomplished”, pointed out Nicaraguan NOC President, Commander Emmet Lang.

As expected, the Central American Games winner was Guatemala, bringing in a total of 283 medals. 110 Gold, 87 Silver and 86 Bronze. El Salvador came in second with a total of 179 medals (69-62-48) and Panama came in third with a total of 216 (58-77-81).

The Games were a true celebration from beginning to end. Not only did they highlight a region which excels in sports more and more everyday but a country which proved that with a lot of hard work and dedication, it was able to organize and host a magnificent event. Now these 7 Central America countries will join the Caribbean nations in a spectacular competition in Barranquilla 2018.