Carlos Neuhaus, the President of the Organizing Committee, is in charge of organizing the next Pan American Games in Peru and has announced great news today. They’ve started moving gravel and, during the past few days, they’ve begun cement excavations and building the foundation.


The party in Peru hasn’t stopped. After the very emotional qualifying soccer game where Peru defeated New Zealand 2 to 0, the nation has been celebrating non stop. It’s been 36 years since Peru booked tickets to the World Cup and the euphoria has taken over the entire country.

Carlos Neuhaus, a big fan of the Peruvian soccer team, picks up the phone hoarse from screaming:

“I am so happy! After 36 years Peru goes back to the World Cup. We’ve qualified for Russia and frankly, the country is so proud of our team. I was lucky enough to be at the game with my kids and it was extremely emotional for us”, points out an ecstatic, Carlos Neuhaus.   

It’s 7 am in Peru and the head of COPAL is getting ready for work. He’s got a series of meetings ahead of him with the authorities of paralimpic sports. He sounds calm and very motivated. “Everything is going according to schedule”, assures Neuhaus.

It’s been 2 months since the Peruvian President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and the President of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic, placed the “shicras” (first stones) on the grounds of the Pan American Village. It was then when authorities assured they would begin construction in November.

Have you been meeting deadlines, Carlos?
“Yes, I’m happy and confident. We’ve begun construction on the Pan American Village. We’re filling all excavations with cement and have also begun with construction on the foundation. In 15 days  we will begin seeing the buildings go up. We’re right on schedule and everything is moving swiftly. We’re in constant contact with Besco and we’re following the project closely every day.  

Are you more confident now that the main construction has begun?
“Yes, of course. Yesterday we had a meeting with Besco and they’re feeling optimistic and satisfied with the way the process is moving and how efficiently they’re meeting all the deadlines.”

After a dark period of critique and pessimism, it seems today the Peruvian people are conscious that you are all working very hard to make sure this challenging project is done successfully and on time.
“People are no longer asking if we’re going to make it, they’re betting that we will and that the Pan American Games will be magnificent. They’re confident in our work and little by little will become more enchanted with this sporting celebration. After this exciting time of us qualifying for the World Cup, we will hold on to the momentum and inform and promote Lima 2019 more dilligently than ever.  

And how do Peruvian athletes feel right now?
“Very often I find them training in the VIDENA and I see they grow more and more motivated. They know the importance of Peruvian sport for the country and the importance of these Games. This is one of the many reasons they feel so strongly about this great cause.”

Does Peru qualifying for the World Cup after 36 years have any effect on the people?
“Most definitely. It has lifted people’s spirits. Today Peru leaves behind pessimism. In Peru, we are experiencing the growth and development of more and more athletes and us qualifying for the World Cup will tremendously help the sports environment in our country. We’ve actually been thinking about doing an honoring ceremony at the VIDENA for the soccer team and other athletes.”

It is worth noting that the construction of the Pan American Village located in Villa El Salvador, Lima, is expected to be finished in February 2019. There will be 7 towers of 20 floors each, which will house over 7 thousand athletes of 41 different countries. The project is being overseen by the Consorcio Besco-Besalco.