The current member of the Executive Committees for the IOC and Panam Sports is a former professional athlete who left a big mark not only on her beloved Aruba, but also the rest of the continent.

At 9 years old she was introduced to synchronized swimming and from that moment, her life changed forever. It was love at first sight; A love that helped her grow, achieve her goals and, most importantly, achieve happiness.

Despite not having the proper tools to succeed, such as a pool or even a qualified coach, she was able to reach the ultimate athlete’s dream: To represent her country at the Olympic Games.

It was back in 1984 in the city of Los Angeles, USA, when Nicole made her country proud. For the first time in the history of Aruba, they presented a synchronized swimming duet at the Olympic Games.

“It was an amazing experience. Participating at the Olympic Games is something indescribable. We didn’t have a pool, we didn’t have a professional coach, but what we did have was experience and we were eager to represent our country” remembers Nicole Hoevertsz.

Nicole was only 20 years old and despite not being able to stand on that podium, this unforgettable experience set the precedent for her successful career as a coach and, later on, a Sports Leader.

“After Los Angeles ’84 I decided to retire from competing and start dedicating myself to coaching. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was already coaching as a volunteer and once I decided to fully commit myself, I started working towards the development of sports in Aruba. Today I am proud of how sports have taken off in our country and the growing relevance of synchronized swimming” says IOC member.

This past December 15th, at the Lima Assembly, Nicole Hoevertsz was chosen to be part of the Executive Committee of the IOC. She’s the 4th woman of 15 members, marking a historic female presence in this sports organization.

We acknowledge and thank the effort, the consistency, the professionalism, the passion and the life-long dedication this woman continues to bring to the world of sports.