OCTOBER 29, 2023

In relation to the Women’s Race Walk event held today in Parque O’Higgins, we inform that the official race times are null and void due to a measurement problem that is the exclusive responsibility of the Pan American Athletics Association (APA).

The expert commissioned by APA, Mr. Marcelo Ithurralde, did not take accurate measurements of the route the athletes took during the race.

As established by international regulations, APA is the only organization authorized to carry out measurements and therefore is responsible for the official distance of the competition.

For its part, the Santiago 2023 Corporation is in charge of hiring the expert designated by APA and facilitating his work in the field of competitions.

We deeply regret the inconvenience for the athletes, their coaches, the public and the attending press, but this situation cannot be attributed to the Organizing Committee.

Santiago 2023 Corporation