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A new date of the Diamond League will be played this Saturday. This is the competition in Doha, Qatar that will bring together the best athletes in the world, many of them still seeking the qualification mark for the Paris Olympic Games.

There are several events that debut in this League and that were not present on the Xiamen and Shanghai dates.

Such is the case in women’s pole vault, high jump, men’s javelin and 800m. While the men debut the 200mts, 400mts, javelin throw, 1500mts, 400mts with hurdles and 3,000mts with obstacles.

This is how we will have the opportunity to see great figures from our continent, such as Steven Gardiner from the Bahamas in the 400-meter dash, Alison Dos Santos in the 400m hurdles, Tamari Davis in the 100m and our ambassador from Team Panam Sports, double world champion and Pan American champion in Lima 2019 in the javelin throw, Anderson Peters.

This top event in world athletics will be broadcast live on the Panam Sports Channel starting this Friday, May 10 at 12 noon.

Below we detail the schedule: (Eastern Time)

11:02 Pole Vault Women Final

11:23 Long Jump MenFinal

12:04 400m Men Final

12:10 High Jump Women Final

12:13 800m Women Final

12:23 200m Men Final

12:34 1500m Women Final

12:42 Javelin Throw Men Final

12:45 5000m Women Final

13:06 1500m Men Final

13:18 100m Hurdles Women Final

13:28 100m Women Final

13:38 400m Hurdles Men Final

13:48 3000m Steeplechase Men Final

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