The best athletes in the region will meet at the Guatemala 2024 Pan American Racquetball Championship, which begins this Friday and will last until Saturday, March 30.

This great event will be broadcast live to the entire world through the Panam Sports Channel. Download the APP for free here.

To complete the week full of sports on the Panam Sports Channel, after the successful broadcasts of Continental Rowing in Rio de Janeiro and the Central American and Caribbean Karate Karate Championship in Nicaragua, this Friday all the excitement of the best of the sport returns of the region with the XXXV Pan American Racquetball Championship.

There will be three days of maximum action, where the best representatives from Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Canada, the United States, the Dominican Republic and Mexico will fight for the top continental title.

This Friday, March 23, the day opens at 10:00 (Guatemala time, 12:00 ET) with the first match of Group 2 men’s singles between the local Edwin García and the Chilean Jaime Mansilla. The day will last until 4 p.m. with the last mixed doubles match of the day between the local duo Martínez/Salvatierra and Iwaasa/Parent from Canada.

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Here we share the games and schedules of the first days of competition so you can watch your favorite athlete or country through the Panam Sports Channel.

1st day of competition – Saturday, March 23, 2024

10:00 am – RR Group 2 Men’s Individual: GUA Edwin Galicia vs. J. Mansilla CHI
10.45 am – RR G. 5 Men’s Individual: CRC Andrés Acuña vs. Maikel Moyet CUB
12.15 pm – RR G. 2 Women’s Individual: GUA Andrea Reyes vs. Danielle Ramsay CAN
13:00 pm – RR G. 2 Women’s Singles: USA Lexi York vs. Mery Delgado DOM
13:45 pm – RR G. 1 Men’s Doubles: CHI Gatica/Mansilla vs. Espinosa/Moyet CUB
14:30 pm – RR G. 1 Women’s Doubles: ARG Vargas/Méndez vs. Céspedes/Delgado SUN
16:00 pm – RR G. 1 Mixed Doubles: GUA Salvatierra/Martinez vs. Iwaasa/Parent CAN

2nd day of competition – Sunday, March 24, 2024

10:00 am – RR G. 1 Women’s Individual: ARG Natalia Mendez vs. Larissa Faeth CRC
10.45 am – RR G. 4 Women’s Singles: USA Michelle Key vs. Juliette Parent DOM
11.30 pm – RR G. 5 Men’s Singles: CUB Maikel Moyet vs. Gerson Miranda ARG
12:15 pm – RR G. 4 Men’s Singles: CHI Rafael Gatica vs. Charles Pratt USA
13:45 pm – RR G. 1 Women’s Doubles: DOM Cespedes/Delgado vs. Muñoz/Mansilla CHI
14:30 pm – RR G. 1 Men’s Doubles: CRC Acuña/García vs. De León/Pimentel DOM
16:00 pm – RR G. 1 Mixed Doubles: ARG Mendez/Miranda vs. Iwaasa/Parent CAN

3rd day of competition – Monday, March 25, 2024

10:00 am – RR Group 2 Men’s Singles: USA J. Bredenbeck vs. Edwin Galicia GUA
10.45 am – RR G. 3 Men’s Singles: MEX S.Hernández vs. Samuel Murray CAN
12.15 pm – RR G. 2 Women’s Singles: GUA Andrea Reyes vs. Lexi York USA
13:00 pm – RR G. 3 Women’s Singles: ARG María José Vargas vs. Carla Muñoz CHI
13:45 pm – RR G. 3 Men’s Doubles: CRC García/Acuña vs. Bredenbeck/Bredenbeck USA
14:30 pm – RR G. 2 Women’s Doubles: GUA Aguilar/Reyes vs. Ros/York USA
16:00 pm – RR G. 2 Mixed Doubles: USA Key/Bredenbeck vs. Mansilla/Muñoz CHI


Santiago, Chile – Octubre 23
ARG – Natalia Méndez y CRC – Maricruz Ortiz, durante el Partido de Racquetball Femenino por los Cuartos de Final disputado en el centro deportivos de las Raquetas, por los Juegos Panamericanos Santiago 2023.
Francisco Longa/ Panam Sports via Xpress Media).