Panam Sports gathered all respective authorities from each of their 41 member countries and fulfilled the main objective to discuss what’s been happening the last 7 months and, most importantly, focus on elaborating a strategic plan to determine what will happen in the years to come.

The Assembly included presentations from authorities of the Executive Committee such as Michael Chambers, Richard Peterkin, Alexandra Orlando, Sara del Rosario, Secretary General Ivar Sisniega and the President, Neven Ilic, among others.

Presentations included videos, photos, discussions involving Presidents and Secretary Generals amongst other things that made this Assembly truly different from the ones in the past.

Some of the most important items discussed during this meeting were the President, Neven Ilic’s, strategic plan, the organizational structure by Secretary General, Ivar Sisniega, a presentation covering the complete re-branding of the Panam Sports image, choosing Santiago, Chile as the host city of the Pan American Games 2023 (see separate article), the establishment on the Youth Pan American Games and a presentation from the corresponding authorities showing the progress on the construction and development of the Pan American Games Lima 2019.

“I’m extremely proud of our first Assembly as an organization here in Prague. I think it’s been productive and well received from each of the members. Our intentions are simply to show everyone our future projects, where we’re headed and establish how the continent’s different Olympic Committees want to work with one another”, pointed out the Panam Sports President.

Neven Ilic is implementing a new way to lead this organization. He’s set out to have a tight bond with the NOCs, know their needs, help them develop sports in each of their countries and give them all the tools for success and ensure a good administration overall and, at the same time, keeping in mind that the athletes are the number one priority for Panam Sports and the heart of our continental sports.

Panam Sports is never off the clock. Ilic’s team and the Commissions are working non-stop to further develop sports in the Americas. This is only the beginning and, already, the positivity, mystic energy, and the never-ending motivation of all those who are part of this prestigious organization is worth noting. It brings an air of optimism to the future of Panam Sports, the Olympic Movement of the Americas.


“I was impressed by the modern, business-orientated approach of the meeting. It felt much less dry and more of a dialogue than most sporting GAs I have attended and I am looking forward to seeing Panam Sports deliver on many of the plans raised”.
NICK BUTLER, Senior Reporter, Inside the Games

“All in all, we thought it was well organized and the meeting was very efficiently conducted.    It was as well run of a Continental Association meeting that we had ever experienced in the 30 plus years of attending them worldwide. We also like that Neven and Ivar gave the delegates a chance to interact which hasn’t always been the case”.
GREG HARNEY, President Global Sports Partners