NOC Activities

About this program

The funds allocated through the NOC Activities program should be used towards those NOC priorities that are not covered through other Olympic Solidarity programs or to complement them. The NOC Activities Program will assist NOCs in achieving their strategic objectives and to implement the activities set by its members and approved by its executive body.

The proposal for the utilization of the NOC Activities funds should be sent to Panam Sports and it should inform on the strategic objectives towards NOC’s development plan at short and medium term.


How to apply

To apply for the NOC Activities program, NOCs should make an application on the RELAY platform, detailing the activities they intend to organize.

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Funding available

NOCs may access a maximum annual budget of USD 170,000 per year for the NOC Activities Program.

Contact the Solidarity Team

For any questions about the Solidarity Programs, please contact the Panam Sports Solidarity Team.