Kelsey Mitchell of Team Canada changed sports only two years ago. After starting with football, she switched to cycling and 2019 has been otherworldly on two wheels. She is the Pan American Champion from Lima 2019 with a new continental record, and now she is the fastest woman in the history of Track Cycling in the 200 meter Time Trial.

Although she is now 25 years old, she has practiced football since the age of four. It has been her passion because she loves the team environment as well as working hard to triumph with her team.

She attended University with this passion and battled for her school on the field, playing as a midfielder, displaying a natural ability to distribute the ball to her forwards. However, two years ago her love for the most popular sport in the world made a sudden U-turn.

In her eagerness to learn about new experiences, she went to the RBC Training Ground, a Canadian program that seeks out Olympic talents. There, they they measure every athlete’s speed, strength and skill and then analyzing their potential to see which sports they could perform at the highest of levels. Kelsey’s analysis recommended she try Track Cycling.

In the beginning it was all strange to her. Accustomed to training in a group with her soccer team, she changed to individual workouts on the bicycle. She moved across the country in order to develop what would become her new passion.

As a result, good performances gradually began to arrive and her progress became increasingly evident on the track. That is how she qualified for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games in Peru and had a participation that was as historic as it was unimaginable.

In the Peruvian capital, Kelsey won the gold medal in the 200-meter Time Trial, becoming the fastest woman in the Americas. On top of that, her name is now written with golden letters in the history of Pan American Cycling, setting the Games Record in the discipline with an excellent time of 10.89 seconds.

However, her hunger for success did not stop there. Her next stop was the Track Cycling Pan American  Championship in Cochabamba. Kelsey Mitchell knew that she came to the championship with a lot of momentum and the ability to improve the time she achieved at Lima 2019. Naturally, she did exactly that, being crowned the new Pan American Champion with nothing less than a new World Record in the 200m Time Trial with a time of 10.154 seconds.

The previous World Record belonged to the Germany’s Kristina Vogel who’s mark of 10.384 seconds has held since 2013.

After this spectacular achievement, Kelsey Mitchell will now focus on the Cycling World Championship and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games where she hopes to achieve her first Olympic medal on top of her sprint bicycle.


Lima, Sunday August 04, 2019 – Marie Mitchell from Canada celebrates after defeating Martha Bayona from Colombia during the Track Women’s Sprint Finals at the Villa Deportiva Nacional -VIDENA
on the Pan American Games Lima 2019.
Copyright Guillermo Arias / Lima 2019
Mandatory credits: Lima 2019