Dear friends,

The Panam Sports Athlete Commission supports the IOC decision to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and protect the health and safety of all athletes. Although we do not yet know when the Games will be held, the uncertainty surrounding them is now more clear and we encourage everyone to stay active and stay healthy as we look forward to competing in Japan in 2021.

As your representatives, we will continue to fight for your rights and opportunities and ensure that you continue to receive the support you need and deserve during these unprecedented times. It is in these moments that the voice of the athletes must be heard louder than ever, and we strongly encourage each of you to connect with us and share your experiences, concerns and questions as we navigate this path together.

Our team is working with Panam Sports on many exciting initiatives to unite our community in new ways and provide advice and resources to all of you. Please connect with us through the contact form found below or directly through our social media accounts. We will continue to communicate with the IOC Athlete’s Commission as well as other athlete and sport leaders to provide you with the most current information. It is vitally important that we all stay healthy, stay positive and stay prepared to show the world how strong we are!


Aliann Pompey – President (Guyana – Athletics)
Carlos Santiago (Puerto Rico – Judo)
Adriana Escobar (El Salvador – Rowing)
Isabel Swan (Brazil – Sailing)
Paola Longoria (Mexico – Racquetball)
Amber Joseph (Barbados – Cycling)
Tony Azevedo (USA – Water Polo)
Melissa Humana-Paredes (
Canada – Beach Volleyball)