The gymnast was awarded the Best Athlete of the Year on top of being chosen as his country’s flag bearer for the Barranquilla 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.

Audrys Nin Reyes received the great recognition of being the Dominican Republic’s Best Athlete of the Year during the Olympic Gala celebration at the Salon La fiesta of the Hotel Jaragua in Santo Domingo.

As a gymnast preparing to compete at the Barranquilla 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games, Nin Reyes also earned the honor of being the flag bearerr during the Opening Ceremony in Colombia’s “Happy City”. The Central American and Caribbean Games will be held from July 19 through August 3 in Barranquilla, Colombia.

An array of celebrities graced the Olympic Gala ceremony which the Dominican Olympic Committee celebrates annually to recognize its most decorated athletes.

“I am incredibly thankful to God. It’s been a blessed year and we’re aiming for more. The Dominican people and I will continue to fight for our dreams,” Nin Reyes said moments after receiving the award.

NOC Secretary General Antonia Acosta announced the Athlete of the Year award, noting that Nin Reyes was chosen unanimously by the Dominican Republic Olympic Committee.

Clearly moved, Audrys rejoiced and thanked all of those who have been involved in his development and growth as a gymnast throughout his career.

“Ever since CRESO came, sport has been a blessing. Thanks to CRESO I’ve been able to win many medals,” the gymnast said.

The Olympic Gala awarded a statuette to each of the most decorated athletes from each of the 37 sports as well as a plaque of recognition to artist Xiomara Fortuna and Doctor Glauco Gonzalez Jimenez.

Mejia Oviedo Highlights Accomplishments

With various results in different areas in 2017, NOC President Luis Mejia Oviedo opened the 2018 Olympic Gala.

Mejia Oviedo presented on the work and incentive in sports in coordination with the schools, the Ministry of Sports and the National Physical Education Institute (NPEI).

The NOC President also mentioned the important role sports federations play when it comes to educational centers and highlighted the support from the private sector, via CRESO, which has propelled growth in sport.

He also touched on the role these will play as the go-to multimedia platform for the NOC, the aid received from Olympic Solidarity, as well as the work of Women in Sport, Sustainability and Sport Commissions of the NOC.

In addition, Mejia Oviedo highlighted the challenge that the Dominican Republic will face at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla.