Colombia earned two gold medals on the second day of competition of the Youth Olympic Games in a sport in which they reign – speed skating.  Two athletes join Colombia’s sports history with their victories: Gabriela Rueda and Jhony Angulo.

The firsts to race along the Paseo de la Costa park north of Buenos Aires were the women in the 500 meter sprint.

Four skaters entered the race with Colombia’s Gabriela Rueda as the favorite. “Gaby” did not disappoint the fans who were cheering her on as she completed an exceptional race to earn the gold medal.

After the award ceremony, she spoke confidently to the media. “I feel extremely happy and thankful to God. I’m happy to have won this medal for my country. I’m proud of making history with this win for Colombian skating,” Rueda said.

Ten minutes later it would be the men’s turn, where Rueda’s Colombian teammate, Jhony Angulo, had already jumped out to a lead on the competition and just needed a good final race to secure the gold.

Angulo started off great, pacing the race and leading the competition. However, Angulo and two other skaters crashed on one of the curves, allowing Italy’s Vicenzio Maiorca to win the sprint.

Nonetheless, Angulo was able to regroup, getting up quickly to sprint toe-to-toe with the other two racers who had fallen. Angulo was able to hold on for third place in the sprint, narrowly securing him the gold medal in the combined speed skating event by one point.

“Thanks to my smarts and perseverance, I was able to achieve this. After I fell, I knew that if I finished in fourth place I would be giving up the gold but I focused and calmly took the race back and was able to come in third,” Angulo said.

The two performances were extremely important gold medals for Colombia and solidified the country’s dominance in speed skating across the globe.