In her first competition since the Rio 2016 Olympics, gymnastics gold medalist Simone Biles dominated the competition at the U.S. Classic, picking up exactly where she left off two years ago.


Now at 21-years old with a renewed focus, United States Olympic Champion Simone Biles is ready to prove to the world her run as the queen of gymnastics is not over yet.


She competed for the first time in two years at the U.S. Classic which began on July 28, wowing the judges, spectators and her competitors with the best performances in the world of 2018.


Biles completed the best floor exercise (14.750), best vault (15.400), best beam performance (15.200) and the best all-around score of 58.700 – the best in the world since her own dominating performance at the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.


But her performances were not error-free, and Biles knows that she can do even better moving forward. Her most notable mistake came with a fall on the uneven bars, yet she still won the all-around competition by exactly one point. Her mistakes only demonstrated the difficulty of each routine she performed.


“I wish I could redo my routine because I haven’t fallen once this whole entire training, and I really wanted to showcase bars,” Biles said after the competition. “But it’s a good stepping stone on the way to championships.”


At this point in her career, Biles is already considered one of the greatest gymnasts of all-time, with an incredibly impressive resume of 14 world championship medals, 11 national championship titles and five medals at the Rio Olympics, including four gold.


But as she marks her return to the sport, Biles has a new competitive edge.


“I feel like now I don’t have to be so nervous, walking on eggshells, because we already achieved what we did in Rio,” she said. “I’m coming back and doing what I want to do, and I’m not doing it for anybody else.”


The world waits to see what she will do next. Simone Biles is here to stay.