The next edition of the Expert Connection series on the Panam Sports Channel will feature renowned Long-Term Athlete Development Specialist Dr. Colin Higgs, live this Thursday, October 8 at 4pm ET.

Dr. Higgs, a Professor Emeritus at Memorial University in Canada, will present about the important theme of Talent Identification in High-Performance Sport, a vital skill for all coaches throughout the Americas and the world.


As sport development continues to accelerate throughout the Americas, finding athletes who can not only excel in high-performance sport, but can also inspire future generations to follow their footsteps, is more essential than ever.

However, discovering these game-changing athletes is one of the most difficult tasks for coaches and trainers at every level in sport. Professional sports leagues spend thousands of dollars every year on scouting, recruitment and athlete development, yet their results often vary greatly.

For many National Olympic Committees, especially those of smaller countries with limited resources, it is vitally important to be able to recognize talent before resources are utilized to develop that talent.

The next edition of the Expert Connection series on the Panam Sports Channel will tackle this challenging subject with the help of Long-Term Athlete Development specialist Dr. Colin Higgs. Dr. Higgs will join the program live this Thursday, October 8 at 4pm ET to help coaches and trainers with “Developing an Eye for Talent”.

Dr. Higgs is Professor Emeritus at Memorial University in Canada where he served as Professor and Dean prior to his retirement. He is a contributor to Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L) and has worked extensively in the Paralympic community developing technologies and devices that help athletes reach their full potential, work that earned him the International Paralympic Committee’s Sport Science Award. He also works with UNICEF and UNESCO with a focus on utilizing sport as a mechanism for social development.

During the live program, Dr. Higgs will present about the keys to effective Talent Identification while also addressing the common mistakes and myths that exist in the field. After the informative presentation, Dr. Higgs will answer questions from the audience through the chat feature on the Panam Sports Channel.

Do not miss the opportunity to join this insightful conversation that will help coaches and trainers throughout the Americas and the world develop strategies and skills for identifying the next great athletes in their sport or country.


Thursday, October 8
3pm Mexico / Colombia
4pm Miami / Toronto
5pm Rio de Janeiro / Buenos Aires