Today’s guest of honor on the Expert Connection is a coach who, with a rather particular style, achieved glory and led Argentine Hockey to great heights in Olympic history.

With the theme “The Strength of an Athlete to Overcome Adversity”, Sergio Vigil will share his incredible advice for all athletes, coaches and members of the Pan American family. Today, Vigil will join the program live starting at 5pm (ET), only on the Panam Sports Channel.


Listening to Sergio “Cachito” Vigil is quite an experience. His voice is hoarse, slow and deep, which makes one analyze each phrase that emanates from his presentations. A motivator for excellence who has achieved each of the goals he has set for himself and who has left an indelible mark on hundreds of athletes who see him as an example of work, perseverance, and above all passion.

But there is a great difference between the “Cachito” of daily life and the man who stands on the field as the Coach. Day-by-day he is calm, philosophical and sometimes difficult to understand. The coach, on the other hand, is euphoric, nervous and passionate and gives the impression that he is going to explode at any moment.

Many sports experts compare him to soccer coach Marcelo Bielsa by their calculating demeanor and strategies, by how they relate to the team, how different, special and difficult it becomes when one tries to describe or decipher their personalities. In fact, these two coaches are great friends who talk on the phone and advise each other and it is obvious that they have a similar way of seeing life and sport.

This Argentinean idol, who was key in the success of the best Argentine player in history, Luciana Aymar (for many the Maradona of Field Hockey) and who today works as a Coach for Team Chile’s Women’s Field Hockey team, will be the next guest on today’s edition of the Expert Connection on the Panam Sports Channel.

With the theme of “The Strength of an Athlete to Overcome Adversity“, Sergio Vigil will share his vision of the current moment that society and the Olympic Movement are experiencing in the face of the terrible pandemic that afflicts the world, and how athletes can and should face it. He will talk about his life experiences and how he achieved glory at the world and Olympic level with the legendary Las Leonas of Argentina.

“Listening to a talk from Cacho is always enriching,” Luciana Aymar said on social media, retweeting the Panam Sports promotional post about this exciting edition of the Expert Connection with Sergio Vigil.

This unmissable conversation will be live today at 5pm (Miami), 6pm (Buenos Aires), with this multifaceted character from Buenos Aires, who will surely teach us a life lesson, make us laugh with his anecdotes and motivate us in the best way to be able to cope with these difficult times facing COVID-19.