At the 133rd Session of the International Olympic Committee in Buenos Aires, the IOC members unanimously elected Senegal as the host country for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games. Africa now has to prepare to host its first Olympic event in history.

A few months ago, the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee identified Senegal as the African country that most met the requirements to host the Youth Olympic Games over other nations of the continent. However, all IOC members still needed to confirm its ability to host the Games with a vote at the IOC Session in Buenos Aires during the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics currently underway in Argentina.

Senegal presented to the membership before the end of the morning session. A large delegation represented the African country, which included the country’s president and all of its top sports authorities. After the presentation, IOC President Thomas Bach asked the IOC members if they preferred a secret ballot or show of hand election, but the decision was already made.

Unanimously, they all raised their hands to approve Senegal as the first African country to ever receive and organize an Olympic event in history.

“It is fantastic. The fact that Africa receives Olympic Games for the first time in history is a very important signal that the International Olympic Committee is giving. I belong to the Commission that had the opportunity to see the candidate cities and I believe that Senegal complies with everything necessary to make excellent Youth Olympic Games. Of course, since this is the first time they have organized an event of this kind, they will need the full support of the Olympic Movement, and we are very committed that everything turns out very well and it will be a great sporting event,” said Panam Sports President and IOC Member, Neven Ilic.

Watch Senegal’s video presentation below: