The Pan American Sports Organization contributed $450,000 dollars towards the construction and remodeling of the Olympic headquarters

Panam Sports authorities, led by President Neven Ilic, participated in the inauguration of the new headquarters and after attending the first Executive Committee meeting ever held in the country.

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA (June 15, 2018) – The inauguration ceremony for the Granada Olympic Committee headquarters took place this Friday in the presence of the Youth, Sports, Culture and Arts minister, Norland Cox, Panam Sports President Neven Ilic and the entire Panam Sports Executive Committee.

This construction project was financed with resources donated by Panam Sports. They will begin the process of interior decoration within the next couple of weeks. The headquarters will feature a full gym, four large offices, a sporting goods store, a museum, a library, an entertainment room, rooms that can house up to 20 athletes at once, a conference room and an internet cafe.

“The truth is we are very happy and thankful for the support of President Neven Ilic and all of Panam Sports. This is a realization of a dream that has really come true for us and our athletes. We always wanted to have a really good building that could facilitate all aspects of Olympism. We have to recognize that we did not expect it to turn out this large, but this will be a great legacy for Grenada,” said Grenada Olympic Committee Secretary General and Panam Sports Executive Committee member, Veda Bruno-Victor.

“We are very happy to have been able to help with this magnificent work. It was necessary to improve the Grenada NOC offices. That’s why when they asked for resources for this, we didn’t give it a second thought. Grenada may be a small nation but it has star athletes as well as two great friends and professionals in charge of sport in the country such as Royston Lahee (NOC President) and Veda Bruno-Victor (Secretary General), who have done an excellent job not only here but in supporting sports development across the entire continent,” said Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic.

The Grenada NOC president also showed immense gratitude towards Panam Sports:

“This building has been a dream come true. We’ve been working on it for a lot of years and thinking about it and we’ve finally achieved this state of construction and we are very proud. It was built for the athletes. Without the support of Panam Sports we would not have been able to build it, this is why we are so grateful.”

Decathlete and gold medalist at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Lindon Victor also attended the inauguration ceremony.

“This is something that is going to help the athletes in Grenada tremendously. For years to come, this building will be something that everyone will remember and having this building will be big for the country. I just want to say thank you to Panam Sports. I know from the bottom of my heart this money will not be in vain, it’s going to help a lot and Panam Sports can expect a lot more from the athletes of Grenada.”

The resources provided by Panam Sports were derived from the organization’s development programs which directly benefit the 41 countries in the region. Grenada met all of the application requirements to access these benefits, including providing updated financial accounts which is crucial in order to qualify for these programs.

“There are a lot of counties in the Americas that do not take advantage of the benefits this organization has. This is why I am calling out to all NOCs in the continent to inform themselves through our website (, regarding how they can also apply to receive the help we offer. Whether it’s help with infrastructure, building tracks or sport centers, training of coaching staff, and of course our athletes, we want to help as many countries as we can and  develop sport in the continent,” said Panam Sports Secretary General, Ivar Sisniega.


Panam Sports is the leader of sport and the Olympic Movement in the Americas. We propel the development of sport and support our 41 member NOCs to inspire more participation at the world-level as well as participation of the youth to prepare the generation to come in our region.

Panam Sports works closely with athletes, National Olympic Committees (NOC), Organizing Committees of all regional games, Pan American Sport Confederations, International Federations (IF) and the International Olympic Committee to secure the success and celebration of our main event, the Pan American Games.

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