The largest and most engaging Athlete Forum ever held by Panam Sports, with support and funding from Olympic Solidarity, gave athlete leaders of the Americas the opportunity to shape the future of the continental organization and its premier event, the Pan American Games.

The second Panam Sports Athlete Forum in Miami brought together more than 70 athletes to collaborate and commit to make the athlete voice louder throughout the Olympic Committees of the Americas.

Day 1 Photo Gallery – Panam Sports Welcome and Forum Introduction

Day 1 Photo Gallery – Athletes Tackle the Tough Issues in Sport

Day 2 Photo Gallery – Athletes Work Together to Improve the Pan American Games

Over three days, athletes created seven recommendations that will be sent to the Panam Sports Executive Committee for review in order to ensure the needs of athletes in the Americas are the organization’s core priority.

Read the full Recommendations from the Forum here, which include the creation of an Athlete Commission at each National Olympic Committee of the Americas by the end of 2020.

While the Forum covered three days of the topics most important to athletes, Panam Sports did its best to ensure the athletes would have time interact outside of the official Forum, with social events allowing the athletes to get to know each other on a more personal level. The dance moves and styles of each different region of the Americas were on full display once the music started.

Social Event Photo Gallery – Athletes Make Lasting Friendships

Panam Sports will utilize the knowledge shared and the input received from athletes throughout the Forum to grow as an organization and provide world-class service levels at all future editions of the Pan American Games.

See how the diverse nations of the Americas came together to improve the lives and careers of athletes throughout the continent

Panam Sports would like to thank all of the athlete leaders from our 41 member nations who traveled to Miami and provided an unprecedented level of communication and excitement to the Athlete Forum. We look forward to meeting again during the Lima 2019 Pan American Games next July and can’t wait until the next edition of the Athlete Forum of the Americas!