Last Sunday, Jose Ramon Fernandez, the ex-president of the Cuban Olympic Committee and honorary Panam Sports Executive Committee member tragically passed away at 95 years old. He was a decorated sports authority who dedicated an important part of his life to working in the name of sport in his country.

Jose Ramon Fernandez is known in Cuba as a true hero. He played a key role in the Cuban revolution and he was also a man who helped his country greatly when it came to sport.

He passed away at 95 years of age on Sunday, January 6, leaving behind a great legacy as well as a feeling of melancholy amongst the Cuban people and all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Fernandez Alvarez was an important leader in the Cuban Revolution, when he was in charge of many different responsibilities in the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Government.

When it came to sports, he was the President of the Cuban Olympic Committee from 1997 until October 2018. He also worked hard to ensure that Cuba could fulfill its duties in hosting the 1991 Pan American Games in the capital of Havana.

The Pan American Sports Organization named him an Honorary Member of the Executive Committee a few years ago in honor of his hard work and dedication to sport not only for Cuba but for the entire continent.

This is why his passing leaves not only Cuba in mourning, but all of the Americas, who saw in him a fighter, a sports lover, a hard worker, and a man fully dedicated to the Olympic Movement.

“We are incredibly sorry for the passing of our dear friend and Honorary Member of the Panam Sports Executive Committee, Jose Ramon Fernandez. A man who, without a doubt, left an important legacy for Cuba and the Olympic Movement of the Americas. In this difficult time for all of us, we have but to be thankful for everything he did for sport in Cuba as well as sport in the region. His memory will stay in our hearts forever,” said Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic.

The Pan American family grieves for the loss of Mr. Jose Ramon Fernandez, and send their condolences to his family and loved ones as well as all of the Cuban people.