The Associated Press Agency organized the voting where US media editors and directors participated and the North American swimmer obtained 351 points, leaving the tennis player, Serena Williams, in second place.

January´s sporting news surprised the whole world. Serena Williams conquered, for the 23rd time, the Grand Slam Tournament Championship title at the Australian Open and later on she would announce that she´d won being two months pregnant with her daughter, Alexis Olimpia.

Six months later, another US athlete, would be on the world´s spotlight due to an outstanding performance in the World Swimming Championship in Budapest. Winning a total of 5 gold and 1 silver medals placed her at the very top of world figures representing the sport and helping to forget, even for a moment, the Baltimore Shark, Michael Phelps.

During the last couple of days, two great figures of the world women’s sport were confronted in a hard-fought vote organized by the Associated Press Agency along with the participation of the editors and directors of the media of the United States.

After a long and diffcult dispute, the swimmer was finally the one who won the grand prize of being considered the Female Athlete of the Year after 351 voted in her favor, beating Serena Williams who came in close with 343 votes.

With this result, Katie Ledecky closes the 2017 round for her sports career to be chosen by a prestigious news agency as the Best Female Athlete. A deserved recognition for who is considered one of the great stars in the world of sports thanks to her World and Olympic titles and records.