At fifth place on the All-Time Medal Table of the Pan American Games, victories at the continent’s top multisport event have become second nature for Argentina and its incredible athletes.

To say that the Pan American Games might not exist without Argentina is not an understatement. The country and the capital of Buenos Aires made history by hosting the first Pan American Games in 1951 where more than 2,500 athletes from 21 countries competed for the first Pan American Games medals.

Argentina was the first country to capitalize on the home-field advantage of hosting the Games, placing 1st in the new continental competition with 68 gold and 154 total medals.

Sixteen editions of the Pan American Games later and Argentina is fifth on the All-Time Medal Table. Athletes representing the albiceleste flag have won an impressive 1,060 total medals, including 294 gold, 331 silver and 435 bronze.

Countless star athletes have helped Argentina amass more than 1,000 medals, including:

Luciana Aymar (Winnipeg 1999, Santo Domingo 2003, Rio 2007 Gold Medalist – Field Hockey)
Paula Pareto (Guadalajara 2011 Gold Medalist – Judo)
Sebastian Crismanich (Guadalajara 2011 Gold Medalist- Taekwondo)
Walter Perez (Santo Domingo 2003, Rio 2007 Gold Medalist – Track Cycling)
Gabriela Diaz (Rio 2007 Gold Medalist – BMX)
Juan Ignacio Cerra (Santo Domingo 2003 Gold Medalist – Hammer Throw)
Delfo Cabrera (Buenos Aires 1951 Gold Medalist – Marathon)

When PASO-ODEPA considered hosting Winter Pan American Games, Argentina stepped up to the plate to stage the 1990 Winter Pan American Games in Las Leñas. However, the country failed to win medals at the first and only Winter Pan Am Games ever held.

Argentina also hosted the 1995 Pan Am Games in Mar del Plata, often considered some of the best Pan American Games in history. Here, more than 5,000 athletes competed in the continent’s top sporting event for the first time.

With the next Pan American Games of Lima 2019 now less than five months away, Argentina is preparing its next group of Pan American stars to stand on the podium like the more than 1,000 athletes before them.

Panam Sports congratulates Argentina for its incredible contributions to the Pan American Games and Americas’ Olympic Movement, and wishes Argentina’s athletes success as they strive for for greatness at the next Pan American Games that begin July 26 in Lima, Peru.