The Official Song of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, written by renowned Peruvian singer Pedro Suarez-Vertiz, was unveiled to celebrate the evening before the 100-Day Countdown to the continent’s most important multisport event begins in Peru’s capital.

LIMA, PERU (April 16, 2019) — The Official Song of the XVIII Pan American Games of Lima 2019 was revealed today at the Domes of San Miguel in the Costa Verde region of the Peruvian capital, with the presence of Peru’s top sport authorities, top athletes, media and the public.

At the “Serenade to 100 Days to Go to Lima 2019” event, a night full of music, dance and sport made the city come to life. More than 1,000 people enjoyed sport demonstrations by the Lima 2019 Athlete Ambassadors, artistic performances and of course the main event of the evening, a concert by Pedro Suarez-Vertiz and his band performing the Official Song of Lima 2019 – “Let’s All Play!”.

“It’s a song with heart, a song with energy, that invites us all to play and to get excited. This is the first time in our history that Peru is organizing an event of such magnitude: the most important multisport event in the entire continent. And what better way than to receive all of the athletes than with a song of Peruvian rhythms, using instruments unique to our culture and talking about the friendship between our brother countries,” said Pedro Suarez-Vertiz.

“It has been an enriching creative process that has filled me with satisfaction and I hope it does not disappoint. This song will be heard around the world and we will sing it full force from our corner of the continent, so that everyone who hears it will know that in Peru, we all play together,” the singer-songwriter concluded.

The song was chanted by the thousands of attendees who came to Costa Verde to watch the concert, and the audience response was spectacular.

There are only 100 days until Americas’ greatest sports festival returns. The infrastructure in Lima is more than 90-percent complete, and all that remains is ironing out the operational details, which is no minor task. Planning for the ticketing, credentials and logistics to welcome more than 7,000 athletes, 4,000 officials and 150,000 tourists to the Peruvian capital will take a coordinated effort.

“The 100-Day milestone is an important moment for every event in the Olympic cycle. Now we have entered the final stretch. The sport venues are nearly ready, many great athletes have already qualified, but at the same time there is much work left to do in these final three months before we can begin this festival of sport. We call on all of Americas’ athletes to continue their preparation for this great sporting event and for the public to stay tuned, because ticket sales for Lima 2019 begin on May 27,” said Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic.