The Mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz, is one of most excited people for the start of the greatest sports celebration in the Americas. He is 100 percent committed to the Lima 2019 Pan American Games and promises to keep working with Panam Sports and COPAL to guarantee the success of the Games.

When he assumed his positIon as Mayor of the Peruvian capital, Jorge Muñoz surprised all of Peru with how he arrived to his first day of work – on bicycle. Wearing athletic clothing and a helmet, Mayor Muñoz was sure to utilize the great bike lines that can be found throughout the city.

With his objective to get more Peruvians to lead healthier and more active lives, the mayor is leading by example while also demonstrating his love of sport.

This week, Jorge Muñoz took advantage of the visit to Lima from the top sports authority of the Americas and Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic. The mayor invited President Ilic to lunch at his quarters in the iconic Plaza de Armas.

It was a necessary and productive meeting which only reinforced the commitment on both sides to successfully host the 18th edition of the Pan American Games in Lima this July.

“We had a favorable meeting. We spoke about many things, especially those which are still pending. Those are the things we need to take a look at and attend to so that we can have the best Games yet,” Muñoz noted, adding that, “we believe in what we are doing. We must have the courage and get to the starting line, have the persistence to run this race, and visualize the finish line we want to get to.”

We are less than six months out from the Pan American Games. How do you see Lima as far as preparations to receive more than 10,000 athletes and officials in July?

“We are doing well and are very enthused. There are many venues that are being finished so we can receive the delegations with open arms. The Pan American Village is almost finished. We hope that all of the countries in the Americas can come and enjoy the best Games and, of course, this beautiful city.”

What is your commitment to the Games?

“I am absolutely committed. I have officially been in this position for a month now, but since the election in October we have worked closely with the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee on the objective of having only the best for the athletes, for the guests who will visit us and for the people here in Lima, and we hope to put together spectacular Games.”

One of the most worrisome factors is the traffic in Lima. What do you have planned for this not to affect the quality of the Games?

“There is an overall commitment from all of our leaders. Not only from the me as the Mayor, but also the National Government and authorities in all levels of the government. What we want is for this complex city, especially when we’re talking about traffic, to be ready and able to host the thousands of people who will be here in July.” 

What measures are you taking?

“We are looking at having separate lanes, crossing guards at intersections, and the Games will coincide with school vacations. There are numerous measures we are taking for these Games to flow as necessary.”

What is your message for the athletes, trainers, sports authorities and the thousands of people who will arrive in Lima to be part of the Pan American Games?

“As the Metropolitan Mayor of Lima, I invite all teams from all countries, all athletes, fans and Olympic Committee Presidents to come enjoy these Pan American Games in this beautiful city of Lima. We are waiting for you with open arms.”