A friendly Coati named Pana will be the face of the first Junior Pan American Games in history who will help Cali, Colombia in giving their “All For You”.

Cali 2021 introduced the Official Mascot of the Junior Pan American Games before an exciting football match at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium. 

CALI, COLOMBIA (March 1, 2020) — A new friendly face is ready to welcome everyone to Colombia as the country prepares to stage the first Junior Pan American Games in history in the sports capital of Cali.

Pana — an adorable Coati with an infectious smile — was revealed as the Official Mascot of Cali 2021 in the Pascual Guerrero Stadium before an exciting football match between the legends of FC Barcelona and the legends of Colombia. Thousands of fans in the stadium cheered on Pana before the two teams took the field, with Pana delivering the Kick of Honor to start the game.

Pana already feels right at home in the stadium where the Opening Ceremony of the Games will be held as well as with the passionate fans of Colombia’s sports capital.

“The truth is that we are very happy for the great audience and for the number of athletes that are with us today to meet Pana, our mascot of the Junior Pan American Games. A Coati that lives anywhere from the United States to Uruguay and has become very popular in Colombia. Pana is a friend, a companion who will surely win the hearts of the more than 4,000 athletes who will visit us next year,” said Cali 2021 Executive Director, Jose Luis Echeverry.

The Official Mascot is a Coati, an animal well-known for its ability to thrive in various climates spanning from the United States to Argentina, representing the enduring diversity of the region. Although the Pan American family covers 41 countries, Pana reminds us that despite the borders and miles in between, we all have something in common.

The name “Pana” is not only a nod to the Pan American Family, but also represents the unique Colombian dialect. Born from a Colombian expression, “Pana” is synonymous with “Friend”, “Companion” and “Ally”. The name suits the Coati, a very sociable animal commonly found living in groups of 30 or more.

Pana and his Coati family are skilled athletes as expert swimmers and climbers that never back down from a challenge despite their smaller size, making Pana the perfect embodiment of the spirit of the Junior Pan American Games.

“Pana looks very cool to me. The name is also very good, I love it. I’m glad that it will represent us and will be the symbol of the thousands of athletes who will come to compete here in the Valle del Cauca. From this day forward, we are all PANA!” said Valeria Cabezas, a young athletics star from Colombia.

The winning mascot design was chosen after receiving more than 100 proposals from the community.

As the best young athletes of the Americas prepare to leave everything on the field, court, track, pool and mat at the first Junior Pan American Games in history, Pana is preparing to become everyone’s new “amigo” by visiting schools, community activities and special events.

Pana will make his first trip to the capital of Bogota on March 5 to attend another highly anticipated match between FC Barcelona and Colombia’s Legends in the Nemesio Camacho “El Campin” Stadium.

Pana, Cali 2021 and all of Colombia are ready to welcome these athletes and give their “All For You”.