In a strong showing, The Tricolor team earns first place in the continental tournament. Two gold medals in men’s and women’s doubles, one silver and three bronze in singles launched Mexico to the overall team championship at the 2018 Pan American Racquetball Championship in Temuco, Chile.

The Pan American racquetball podium has been dominated exclusively by Mexico in the last decade, establishing the country as a true world power in the sport.

The Mexican racquetball champions are the undisputed kings of the game, demonstrating once again in Temuco that the road to regional racquetball victory travels through Mexico.

The pair of Álvaro Beltrán and Rodrigo Montoya defeated the Bolivians Contado Moscoso and Ronald Keller by 13-15, 15-10 and 11-6, winning the first gold medal for Mexico.

Then, Paola Longoria and Alexandra Herrera won the second gold medal by beating Gabriela Martínez and María Rodriguez by 15-9, 1-15 and 11-8.

Longoria could not defeat Rhonda Rajsich in the singles final and had to settle for the silver medal. The three bronze medals went to Samantha Salas, Rodrigo Montoya and Andree Parrilla who could not advance to the finals in their respective disciplines.

When the championship concluded on April 1, Mexico stood alone atop the team podium, followed by the United States, Bolivia, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, Costa Rica, Canada and the host country, Chile.


Women Singles (WS)

1   GOLD      USA     Rajsich, Rhonda
2   SILVER    MEX     Longoria, Paola
3   BRONZE    GUA     Martinez, Ana Gabriela
BRONZE    MEX     Salas, Samantha

Men Singles (MS)

1   GOLD      BOL     Keller, Carlos
2   SILVER    USA     Horn, David
3   BRONZE    MEX     Montoya, Rodrigo
BRONZE    MEX     Parrilla, Andree

Women Doubles (WD)

1   GOLD      MEX     Longoria, Paola / Herrera, Alexandra
2   SILVER    GUA     Martinez, Ana Gabriela / Rodriguez, Maria Renee
3   BRONZE    BOL     Daza, Jenny / Barrios, Angelica Stefanny
BRONZE    CHI     Munoz, Carla / Parada, Josefa

Men Doubles (MD)

1   GOLD      MEX     Montoya, Rodrigo / Beltran, Alvaro
2   SILVER    BOL     Moscoso, Conrrado / Keller, Roland
3   BRONZE    CAN     Murray, Samuel / Bousquet, Nicolas
BRONZE    ECU     Ugalde, Jose Daniel / Cueva, Juan Francisco