There are many under privileged schools in the district known as “La Flora”, located in Santiago de Chile, and the Andres Bello school is no exception to the lack of resources.  The Chilean Olympic committee is proud to bring the school of Andres Bello the first multi-purpose sporting field, which is also the fourth one provided to the country, thanks to the funds allocated by the Panam Sports’ Olympamerica Program. They celebrated by organizing an opening ceremony for the field.

Amongst the many guests there were sports leaders from the Chilean NOC, authorities from the municipality, school, and government as well as the president of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic.

“We are so happy to inaugurate this new field right here in the school. We are incredibly thankful to Panam Sports for their Olympamerica Program. It has allowed us to spread joy to hundreds of kids and teens who had nowhere to play or practice sports before. With this great contribution, we can promote sport even more and hopefully, one day in the future, we can say one of Chile’s champions came from this very district and practiced on this very field”, points out Chile’s NOC president, Miguel Angel Mujica.

What does a National Olympic Committee have to do to sign up for this program?

It is as simple as reading and filling in the application form, signing up, establishing a vulnerable area or sector belonging to the American continent and receiving the approval of Panam Sports.

This is all it takes for the National Olympic Committees to be able to access these resources and with them, be able to fulfill the dreams of children, teenagers and communities as a whole through the construction of these training facilities.

“The main idea for this program is for us to expand sport in the Americas. For the most underprivileged and vulnerable areas in our continent to have the opportunity to dispose of a facility where they can train. Sport is life, it drives kids away from drugs and alcohol. This is why I call all presidents of the NOCs to take advantage of this program and help our important mission to better the sport across the Americas”, points out Panam Sports president, Neven Ilic.

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