More than 1,000 people participated in the first online coaching session of the new Panam Sports Academy held on June 8.

Following the success of the High-Performance Coaching Certificate program offered by Panam Sports in 2021, the organization founded the new Panam Sports Academy to help coaches, sports leaders and administrators advance in their professional development.

Participants can access the Panam Sports Academy directly in the main menu of the Panam Sports website or by visiting Once an account is created, participants can join online coaching sessions via Zoom, access course materials and complete required exams, all directly from the new platform.

Over the course of six months and 12 sessions in 2021, more than 1,500 coaches completed the High-Performance Coaching Certificate program and received their diploma from Panam Sports. This successful program demonstrated the interest in educational programs and gave way to the birth of the Panam Sports Academy in 2022.

The first course in the new Academy is called Professional Development for Coaches and began with its first session on June 8. The course is jointly organized by Panam Sports and the Coaching Association of Canada that provides the expertise, materials and presentations to fuel the learning process.

More than 1,000 coaches joined the first session of this new course directly through the Panam Sports Academy platform. The course will continue through October 2022 with six sessions in total with participants receiving their certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program.

The Panam Sports Academy is also developing several other courses and programs to continue its mission of providing high-level training to coaches, sport leaders and administrators throughout the 41 countries of Americas’ Olympic Movement.

“We are going to have a course on Yoga for High-Performance Training that beings in July, and later we will have a course on the Formation of Sports Administration for sport leaders. From there we will continue to increase the amount of courses that we offer. The idea is to offer academic programs on a permanent basis,” said Sandra Morales, Director of the Panam Sports Academy.

Panam Sports would like to thank all of the coaches who have participated in the sessions so far as well as the Coaching Association of Canada for its tremendous support in these academic sessions.