Panam Sports Athlete Commission Member Aliann Pompey attended the ANOC Athlete Commission meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia to learn from other continental associations.

During the visit to Indonesia, Aliann Pompey of Guyana was able to witness the facilities and preparations for the Asian Games. She tells Panam Sports she learned valuable information to bring back to the Athlete Commission during the visit.

“My experience was two-fold in a sense. Learning some of the best practices from ANOC, including about their structure and how they attain measurable outcomes, was a helpful bit to take back with me,” Pompey says.

“I was also able to visit the athletes village for the Asian Games, talked to a coach and few athletes. With Pan Am Games next year, preparation has been on the forefront of everyone’s mind. So it was interesting to be in a situation where I could hear what went into it as well as feedback on the execution.”

Pompey adds that the athletes she spoke to at the Asian Games were typically happy with the conditions of the facilities.

“The athletes I spoke to were fairly pleased with being close to each other. There were some hiccups with transportation to training venues before the start of competition but those were worked out quickly,” Pompey says.

Although she is no longer an active athlete, Pompey says the athlete cause is still one of her top priorities.

“It’s a tremendous honor to have been elected to the commission by my peers to be their voice in sports for our region. Though I recently retired from active competition, sports has remained close to my heart. Being able to be the link between athletes and the governing body has been a way I can stay close to it and ensure that the athlete voice is heard,” Pompey says.