The Legal and Medical Commissions of Panam Sports will each meet this week as they work diligently behind the scenes to ensure all policies and procedures are clear for the upcoming Lima 2019 Panam Games.

The Panam Sports Legal Commission kicks-off the week with its meeting at the Panam Sports Office in Miami, USA on Monday, May 6.

Here, Legal Commission Chairman Michael Chambers of Canada and four members of the commission will review the Panam Sports Constitution, specifically as it relates to the Pan American Games.

The meeting in Miami will analyze Anti-Doping rules and the Prevention of Competition Manipulation at the Lima 2019 Games.

After the Legal Commission concludes, Panam Sports President Neven Ilic, Secretary General Ivar Sisniega and Executive Committee Members Keith Joseph, Nicole Hoevertsz and Sara Rosario will meet in Lima, Peru for a routine inspection of progress for the Panam Games this July.

On May 7, the leaders of Americas Olympic Movement will visit the VIDENA venue cluster as well as the National Stadium and Army Equitation School in La Molina where Equestrian events will be held.

The Panam Sports Medical Commission will meet in Lima on May 8. Chaired by Bernardo Chernillo of Chile, the Medical Commission is responsible for overseeing all medical and doping control procedures prior to and during the Panam Games.

The commission meets on Wednesday to prepare for the XXVII Pan American Medical Congress that begins at the Peruvian College of Medicine on Thursday, May 9 and concludes on May 10.

Here, doping control and medical authorities for both Lima 2019 and Panam Sports will outline the procedures in place for the Lima 2019 Games to provide all athletes compete with fair competition and world-class medical services.

The Panam Sports authorities will attend both the commission meeting and the Congress.