With the goal that our athletes have more international competitions and properly prepare to compete in the Pan American Games, Panam Sports financed the participation of 3 teams of 6 athletes each to compete in the “National Independence of the Dominican Republic” Cycling Tour. 

In total, 18 athletes from 16 countries participated in this cycling competition representing Panam Sports – a feat never seen before.

Panam Sports paid for their travel, accommodations and food, as well as giving them a stipend for expenses.

The athletes of the three Panam Sports Teams were divided according to their geographical location and were as follows:

Team Panam Sports Caribbean: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Team Panam Sports Central America: Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras

Team Panam Sports South America: Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador

“It was an extremely positive and successful experience, both for the athletes and for us as an organization. We know the importance of our athletes having more international experiences, and this will undoubtedly serve them well for their preparation in this demanding year of 2019. Several of them are already classified to Lima 2019, and are striving to achieve their desired times to reach the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games,” said Ricardo Probert, Sports Director of Panam Sports.

The best result for Team Panam Sports during the race came in the 5th stage of the competition, when the representative of Team Panam Sports Central America, Cristoff Jurado of Panama, won the entire stage.

The cycling competition concluded on Saturday, March 2. Manuel Granje González of Paraguay was the top performer of Team Panam Sports, earning a bronze medal with a 3rd place finish in the U-23 category.

Panam Sports congratulates the 18 athletes who participated in this innovative program and appreciates their dedication, passion and professionalism against great competition.