To guarantee the safety of all the participants of the I Junior Pan American Games of Cali-Valle 2021, the organization of the great event has installed security checkpoints in the city of Cali as the primary Host City, as well as in the other five sub-sites of the multisport event.

The work was completed over the course of several days where specific security roles were defined and assigned with an eye towards having a safe environment before and during the Games.

“The organization of the I Junior Pan American Games Cali-Valle 2021 took a huge step to guarantee the safety of all the people who will take part in the most important event in the Americas this year,” said Leonardo Arango, director of the functional security area for the Pan Am Games who also added that some 700 uniformed men and 80 people from private companies will be at the service of the Games.

With these measures in place, the organization is guaranteeing the safety and protection of all athletes, dignitaries, officials and their families from all 41 countries that will participate in the Games, as well as the fans who will arrive to witness the incredible performances of Americas’ new sporting idols.

The delegated authorities are ready and are establishing contingency and emergency plans concerning mobility issues in a union of forces between the authorities of the municipalities with the organization of Games and Government entities at the national, state and local levels.

The security checkpoints in Cali as the main city, as well as in the Palmira, Yumbo, Jamundi, Buga and Calima El Darien sub-sites were installed in order to guarantee peace of mind for all of the delegations and organizers throughout the multisport event.

The Pan American Games of Cali 2021 begin on November 25 and culminate on December 5 with the Closing Ceremony at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium.