The Organizing Committee of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games spent two days in the capital of Chile to provide the official transfer of knowledge to the Organizing Committee of Santiago 2023, hosts of the next Pan Am Games.

SANTIAGO, CHILE (November 15, 2019) — Fulfilling its duty as a Host City of the Pan American Games, the leaders of Lima 2019 have met with the next organizers of the continent’s most important multi-sport event in four years time.

A delegation of 10 people from the Organizing Committee of Lima 2019 (COPAL) traveled from the Peruvian capital to Santiago to participate in an interesting seminar designed to help Chileans learn more about how Peru successfully organized Pan American Games that have been declared the best in history by some.

The two-day seminar was led by Panam Sports President Neven Ilic,  Secretary General Ivar Sisniega, COPAL President Carlos Neuhaus, Santiago 2023 Chairman of the Board of Directors Karl Samsing, Santiago 2023 CEO Eduardo Della Maggiora and Chilean Olympic Committee President Miguel Angel Mujica.

“The truth is that we are very happy and satisfied with the results of this seminar. This is a unique opportunity for Lima 2019 to share with Santiago 2023 all of its experiences as an organizer, including the positive points, the negatives, the recommendations, the aspects to improve, etc. In summary, it is a transfer of extremely useful information which will surely serve the Chileans well as they continue the work they are doing to organize the next Pan American Games in 2023,” said Panam Sports Secretary General, Ivar Sisniega.

Among the topics covered in this activity were Sports, Human Resources, Volunteers, Budget and Purchasing, Infrastructure, Operations, Pan American Village, Technology and Television and Marketing.

“It was a great seminar. I think it is very important that Santiago 2023 receives all of our experience from knowing what it was like to organize the Games, with all of our successes and our setbacks. I recommend that they take advantage of the time. They have four years to work and of course I wish them the nothing but success,” said COPAL President Carlos Neuhaus.

Santiago 2023 CEO Eduardo Della Maggiora was extremely grateful for this activity and is ready to learn from all of the experiences and recommendations that were presented by the Peruvian delegation.

“The transfer of knowledge by Lima 2019 has been very valuable for us. The information and experience that the organizing team of the last Games has given us will be very important for us to make decisions in the key planning stage which we remain in today as the Santiago 2023 Corporation. We thank the Organizing Committee from Lima 2019 for the tremendous information delivered and the professionalism they have showed throughout this transfer of knowledge,” said Eduardo Della Maggiora.

The Lima 2019 Organizing Committee continues to work, finishing the process of transitioning from the Pan American Games which they plan to conclude by the end of 2019. Santiago 2023 will now continue its important mission of preparing for the largest multi-sport event of the continent that will have Chile as the Host Nation for the first time in history in just four years.

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