Athlete Preparation

Panam Sports is committed to supporting the development of athletes from our 41 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) across the Americas. In the last quadrennial, NOC members accessed funding that was developed to improve technical preparation of athletes within the region.

Continuing with this policy, Panam Sports will allocate financial support to each NOC, to be used on scholarships for athletes and other activities towards their preparation and qualification for Games in the 2021 – 2024 Olympic cycle.

How to apply

To apply for the Athlete Preparation Program, NOCs should submit the Athlete Preparation Program application form duly completed and signed. Panam Sports welcomes the submission any additional documentation that may further support and justify the proposed application. Please send completed forms to the contacts listed below.

Apply Now

Funding available

NOCs may access a maximum annual budget of USD 120,000 per year for the Athlete Preparation Program.

Contact the Solidarity Team

For any questions about the Solidarity Programs, please contact the Panam Sports Solidarity Team.