Athlete Preparation

Panam Sports is committed to supporting the development of athletes from our 41 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) across the Americas. In the last quadrennial, a Special Program was developed directly to improve the technical preparation of athletes for the 2015 Toronto Pan American Games and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Continuing with this successful program, Panam Sports will allocate financial support, with its own funds, to each NOC, to be used for athlete scholarships and other activities towards their participation for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

An annual amount of USD $120,000 will be allocated to each Olympic Committee member of Panam Sports during the 2017-2020 Olympic cycle. That is the maximum amount that can be allocated.

What does the program achieve?

  1. Programs that aims to support athletes to maintain a high level of training, whether in their country or abroad.
  2. Offers assistance to the athletes appointed by their respective NOCs for their preparation and qualification to the Games in the 2017-2020 Olympic cycle.
  3. Identifies High Performance Training Centers that fulfill the necessary conditions to take care of the preparation of the continent’s athletes, in individual sports included in the Program of the next Pan American and Olympic Games.

Scholarships for athletes, of individual sports, will be carried out at High Performance Training Centers either in the continent or abroad. Panam Sports is responsible for approving the requests submitted by NOCs.

Panam Sports, the NOC hosts of High Performance Training Centers and the rest of the NOC members of Panam Sports, will join efforts towards the common goal of improving the level of preparation of athletes from the countries of the Americas to achieve better results on the global stage.