The Olympamerica Program is a new opportunity to promote the practice of sport in the Americas. By developing this program, PanamSports continues to strengthen its relationship with and provide support to its member National Olympic Committees (NOCs). Olympamerica was designed as a social development program that promotes sports as a vehicle to help underdeveloped communities...

How does it work?

The Program is available to all NOCs of the Americas that have identified communities that would benefit greatly from the creation of sport infrastructure.

Olympamerica is financed with resources from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympic Solidarity fund. The maximum amount a NOC can receive will be one single amount of USD $200,000, during the quadrennial.

Clear guidelines that allow a transparent use of funds will be established, updating account statements and the project’s progress every two (2) months will be required.

The NOC would be socially responsible for this Program, in coordination with their countries’ Government, including the planning and organization, as well as managing the ongoing Program.

What kind of sport is infrastructure expected to build?

An Olympamerica Center aims to be a multi-sector complex that includes a sport and socioeconomic area.

At a base level, the Center would include the following:

  • A running track
  • A football field with the possibility of adapting it to install a volleyball court or a multi-usage space for other sports
  • Multifunctional sport unit
  • Basic sport equipment provided
  • Multipurpose room
  • Space for offices, meeting room(s) and bathrooms
  • Perimeter fence (possibly composed of trees/hedges)

The Center is recommended to be built with local materials and should be directed to create an infrastructure in the form of a “Local Olympic Club”, composed by people from the community that will be involved in the conception and development of the project.