Olympic Solidarity

NOC Activities

2017-2020 Plan

NOC Activities - NOCs of America


To provide a financial contribution to the NOCs of America in order to assist them in achieving their mission and objectives, while taking into consideration their specific needs and priorities, as well as taking advantage of the opportunities offered through this programme to carry out their work.


The programme of NOC Activities is available to all the NOCs members of Panam Sports. The following guidelines and financial stipulations are a tool for their work.


The funds allocated through the NOC Activities programme should be used towards those NOC priorities that are not covered through other Olympic Solidarity programmes or to complement them.

The programme of NOC Activities will assist NOCs in achieving their strategic objectives and to implement the activities set by its members and approved by its executive body.

The proposal for the utilization of the NOC Activities funds should be sent to Panam Sports and it should inform on the strategic objectives towards NOC’s development plan at short and medium term. This proposal should be duly approved by its executive body. In the absence of a formal strategic plan, the NOCs should base their proposal on the NOC’s priorities, agreed upon and approved by the NOC’s executive body. NOCs may also request access to technical assistance towards the development of a strategic plan.

Application Procedure

To apply for the NOC Activities programme, the NOCs should submit the following: ∙ The NOC Activities application form duly completed and signed;

The NOC’s strategic or development plan, or a list of priorities for the current year.

Analysis and Approval

The analysis of NOC requests will be conducted by the Panam Sports Office.

In some cases, approval will require further information or clarifications and may entail advice to maximize the benefits from other programmes available to the NOC. This will be achieved through consultation with the NOC by telephone, e-mail or a meeting.

Any major changes to the confirmed proposal will need to be approved by Panam Sports prior to their implementation.

The proposal submitted to Panam Sports for this Program should not match initiatives included in other projects or programmes, unless it constitutes a complement of the NOC’s strategic objectives.

Financial Conditions

In accordance with the Panam Sports Executive Committee’s decision, the total quadrennial budget assigned to the NOC Activities programme for the NOCs of America is USD 16,400,000. Hence, USD 100,000 is available to each NOC per year.

Annual funds will be paid to the NOCs in two installments: an advance payment of 75% upon the approval of the proposal and a balance payment of 25% upon the fullfillment of the project and financial reports.

Follow-Up and Control

At the end of each year, NOCs will be required to provide a project report and a financial report (in compliance with the Olympic Solidarity/Panam Sports Financial Guidelines) for the entire sum of the annual NOC´s Activities budget. In the case that some of the activities could not take place and some of the funds were not spent, the NOC will be able to include these funds in the proposal for the following year.

NOCs are also encouraged to provide their annual reports, so Panam Sports and Olympic Solidarity can better understand their context and overall scope of activities.


It is important that the NOCs apply for the NOC Activities programme two months in advance of their planned activities, allowing sufficient time for Panam Sports to analyze their proposal and ensuring they have access to funding in time to develop their activities.

The project and financial reports are due (2) two months prior to the end of the year during which these activities are being organized. The approval of the following year’s request and release of the advance payment will be contingent on the submission and approval of the project and financial reports corresponding to the activities developed in the preceding year.