Pan american Solidarity 2021-2024

Funding Opportunities for National Olympic Committees through Panam Sports.

Panam Sports, with its mandate to keep athlete development at the center of our activities and support the work of the 41 member nations, is implementing several continental programs that are focused on sport development within the Americas.

With the assigned budget by the Olympic Solidarity Commission and the use of Panam Sports’ own financial resources, funding is made available to support National Olympic Committees in achieving their strategic objectives and adhering to the needs and priorities of the athletes and the organization.

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The funds allocated through the NOC Activities program should be used towards those NOC priorities that are not covered through other Olympic Solidarity programs or to complement them. The NOC Activities Program will assist NOCs in achieving their strategic objectives and to implement the activities set by its members and approved by its executive body.

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Programs Olympamerica Athlete

Athlete Preparation program

Panam Sports is committed to supporting the development of athletes from our 41 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) across the Americas. In the last quadrennial, NOC members accessed funding that was developed to improve technical preparation of athletes within the region.

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NOC Support AP Athletes

Youth Athlete Preparation

Panam Sports is offering a new program that will allow NOCs to promote and assist the next generation of athletes that are preparing to compete at international youth events including future Junior Pan American Games.

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For any questions about the Solidarity Programs, please contact the Panam Sports Solidarity Team.