The Panam Sports Athlete Commission produced a video with a powerful message for all athletes throughout the continent, calling on everyone to be responsible, take care of themselves and stay home.

The request to sport leaders to continue the support, scholarships and resources for the preparation of athletes for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is also vitally important, with the Games now defined to take place in 2021.

MEXICO CITY (April 1, 2020) — Led by its President, Aliann Pompey of Guyana, the Panam Sports Athlete Commission produced a striking video with the aim of creating awareness throughout the athlete community of the Americas and the world, as well as the authorities that have a direct relationship with the development of sport and the distribution of resources for the preparation of athletes.

In the two-minute video, every Member of the Athlete Commission who represent the thousands of athletes throughout the Americas appears: Aliann Pompey – President (Guyana – Athletics), Carlos Santiago (Puerto Rico – Judo), Adriana Escobar (El Salvador – Rowing), Isabel Swan (Brazil – Sailing), Paola Longoria (Mexico – Racquetball), Amber Joseph (Barbados – Cycling), Tony Azevedo (USA – Water Polo) and Melissa Humana-Paredes (Canada – Beach Volleyball).

Phrases like: “The uncertainty is driving us crazy. we are athletes, we train to win, to fulfill our dreams”; “but we are also aware that this terrible pandemic is affecting the entire world”; and “as athletes of the Americas, we support the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, because everyone’s health comes first,” highlight the powerful message from the athlete leaders.

The message also includes an important call to action to all sport leaders to continue supporting athletes on their path to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games which have been postponed and will now take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021.

“But it is vital that the athletes continue to receive the support, scholarships and resources that are needed,” said five-time Olympian and Water Polo silver medalist, Tony Azevedo of Team USA.

Sailor Isabel Swan of Team Brazil is emphatic in pointing out that “for athletes and fans across the globe, we know that Tokyo 2020 will be the most important sports celebration in history.”

The Athlete Commission is working tirelessly for the athletes across the continent. The Commission Members invite all athletes to communicate with them through the website where they can send their questions, comments or concerns while also facilitating the creation of a stronger community. The Athlete Commission is united in the pursuit of continued sporting development throughout the region while maintaining the health and safety of everyone, not just the athletes.

As President Aliann Pompey says, “beating the Coronavirus is a challenge we must all face, together.”