The first phase of the Santiago 2023 Press Accreditation process closes with a record of 1.887 professionals interested in covering the Pan American Games this October.

The applications far exceed the 1,500 media members who covered Lima 2019 just four years ago.

Neither the world’s rising inflation nor the consequences of the pandemic dampened the worldwide media’s enthusiasm to cover the continent’s greatest multisport event.

The first phase of the press accreditation for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games closed yesterday, March 15 with surprising results. A total of 1,887 professionals from 627 media outlets from around the world applied for accreditation.

The media outlets of the host nation of Chile naturally stood out with  754 requests. Some of the largest countries of the continent also showed great interest, including Brazil with 184, the United States with 136 and Argentina with 99.

Included among the national and international media agencies were five of the most renowned news sources in the world: Reuters, AP, Getty Images, AFP and EFE.

“We always thought that we would have many applications for accreditation at the Pan American Games in Santiago, but without a doubt they exceeded all expectations. The number of professionals far surpasses what we saw at Lima 2019, and we are very happy because there is a lot of interest in covering this continental sports festival,” said Panam Sports Communications Director, Alejandro Goycoolea.

“The success of this first stage fills us with pride, but also with responsibility. The high number of requests in this phase reflects the work of the entire Santiago 2023 team and we are dedicated to delivering Games that meet your expectations. Now we are even more sure that on October 20 the eyes of the world will be on Santiago,” added Santiago 2023 Head of Press Services, Romulo Oliveira de Macedo.

Phase two of the press accreditation process begins soon with the entry by name application. Media agencies that completed phase one must confirm the names of all the professionals who will cover the Games in October. This stage will take place from April 17 to June 23.