After four intense days of work and visits to competition venues in the Chilean capital, Panam Sports’ takeaways from the visit are quite positive. However, the organizers are aware there is no time to waste and they have to work around the clock to deliver the Games.

SANTIAGO, CHILE (January 31, 2023) — There are exactly 262 days left until the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games begin and the most important sporting event on the American continent returns.

The Chilean capital of Santiago will host this sports festival for the first time in its history. There, more than 7,000 athletes from throughout the Americas will arrive ready to battle for the title of continental champion as well as qualification to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in several sports.

Leaders of both the Chilean Government and the local Organizing Committee understand the importance of the Games. Both have shown their great commitment and dedication to deliver the infrastructure on time and leave no detail behind to ensure the experience is unique and unforgettable.

Despite the challenges Chile has faced throughout the organizing process including the global pandemic and economic crisis that is unprecedented in recent times, the deadlines and goals of each of the functional areas of the Games are being met within the established deadlines.

Panam Sports leaders held an inspection visit in Santiago last week with the objective of verifying all progress. More importantly, the visit was an opportunity to help guide the Organizing Committee on how they can deliver the event together and successfully overcome all of the challenges that come with hosting the largest and most important multisport event in the history of their country.

After three days of presentations from each of the areas of the Santiago 2023 Organizing Committee, Panam Sports, led by its President Neven Ilic and Secretary General Ivar Sisniega, visited the construction sites of the National Stadium Sports Park and the Pan American Village.

“The truth is that I am very calm. We held a general infrastructure visit. Particularly the Pan American Village, the project has no problems or risks of incompletion. It will be like a small town that provides services to all of the athletes during the Games, and the thing is that it will then serve all Chileans and the people who need a home today. There are 1,300 families that will live here after the Games and that fills us with tremendous pride. So everything is good but there is a lot to do and a lot to work on. The National Stadium is progressing very well. Maybe those who don’t understand construction timelines may have some concerns, but as a professional in this area I feel confident. All the works have already started so we will continue to work 24/7 and all of the stadiums and sports venues will be ready on the corresponding dates,” said President Neven Ilic.

“There is limited time, but important advances are being made and I am sure that we are going to have some great Pan American Games in Santiago,” concluded Ilic.

“I see many advances and that leaves us feeling very calm. I’m sure they will deliver on the promised dates. The National Stadium will be a wonderful center where those who attend will have an incredible experience since many sports will be concentrated in the same area,” said Secretary General Ivar Sisniega.

“The summary of our visit is very positive. We already see an integrated Organizing Committee with highly capable people and collaborators from other countries. There is a lot of work to be done, both for Santiago 2023 and for Panam Sports. We are entering the final stretch and we are advancing in a great manner,” added Sisniega.

The Santiago 2023 Pan American Games will take place this year from October 20 to November 5 and will feature 7,000 athletes participating from the 41 member countries of Panam Sports.