The most important athletics tournament in the world comes to Panam Sports Channel for the first time. The 2023 Diamond League begins on Friday, May 5 at 12:00 pm (Eastern Time) with the broadcast led by a duo of great commentators making their Diamond League debut — Soledad Bacarreza and Fernando Palomo.

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SANTIAGO, CHILE (May 4, 2023) This Friday marks an important premiere for the Panam Sports Channel with the live debut of the Diamond League. The 2023 edition of the athletics tournament begins on May 5, kicking off from Doha, Qatar.

Panam Sports Channel has prepared a stellar broadcast with a pair of commentators who are also making their Diamond League debut. The former athlete Soledad Bacarreza and renowned commentator Fernando Palomo will share the microphone for one of the world’s top athletics events for the first time.

Soledad Bacarreza is a renowned Chilean commentator who is a former sprinter and member of her national team. She has worked for Channel 13, National Television of Chile and Directv and she is now the face of the Panam Sports Channel. She has vast experience covering the Olympic, Pan American and South American Games and World Championships.

Panam Sports has also invited the world-renowned journalist and commentator from ESPN Deportes and the FIFA video game series, Fernando Palomo from El Salvador. Palomo now works in the United States and has covered the Olympic Games, Football World Cups, Champions League finals and the Pan American Games, among others.

This impressive duo will lead the broadcast of the 2023 Diamond League tour on the Panam Sports Channel that begins in Doha on Friday.

This athletics tournament was created in 2010 and brings together the greatest athletes in the world. The tour features 14 dates throughout the season and this year the tournament will undoubtedly be a great prelude to the athletics tournament at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games this October.

This worldwide celebration of athletics begins on May 5 where the following events will be contested (all times ET).

12:00 Women’s 400m
12:17 Women’s 3000m Steeplechase
12:20 Men’s High Jump
12:34 Men’s 400m Hurdles
12:44 Men’s Javelin Throw
12:48 Women’s 100m Hurdles
13:00 Men’s 800m
13:12 Women’s 100m
13:23 Men’s 3000m Steeplechase
13:41 Men’s 200m
13:50 Women’s 1500m

The Panam Sports Channel will broadcast the action live from Doha, Qatar starting at 11:45 am (ET) for the following countries: Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. Following the conclusion of the event, highlights and full races will be available to watch on-demand.

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